The schedule.

So, I proposed a schedule in the welcome post that said that I might post every other day, but that won’t happen. So, most likely, I will do something like post once Sunday and post Thursday. We will see how that goes. So I’ll try that from now on. So see you Thursday.


Nintendo NX

So, I was browsing the world of wordpress, and found a post by a blogger named @gamer2006 (Blog found at Go check him out) and a post he made really caught my attention of a new system that I briefly had heard of, but hadn’t took the time to research. This is the Nintendo NX.

Now, this seems really interesting because this is a huge step outside the box. Eurogamer made an article about it (Found here ) and from reading it, it seems very, VERY interesting and odd. nx-is-a-portable-console-with-detachable-controllers-146954516457.jpg

As you can see in the picture above, the console is mainly just a screen, but the detail that must be noticed is the fact that the controllers detach from the main screen. I find this a good design choice, because it would just be a pain to carry this around with the controllers separate from the main screen part. Also, it has feet to prop it up. Tatakai likes that.

Now a main thing is that cartridges is the NX’s way of playing games, the cartridges resembling that of a gameboy. At least by the images seen on the Eurogamer article. Once again, go read it.

NX will use game cartridges as its choice of physical media, multiple sources have also told us.

Considering NX’s basis as a handheld first and foremost, the choice may not come as too much of a surprise – although we have heard the suggestion Nintendo recommends a 32GB cartridge, which is small when considering the size of many modern games.

Naturally, we expect digital game downloads will also be available. We were told Nintendo considered but then decided against making a system which supported digital downloads only

From the Eurogamer article.

Some other things going for it is the “Tegra” processor, apparently a very powerful mobile processor made by Nvidia (A personal favorite of mine) that will allow gaming at high quality at a mobile level. Now this sounds awesome. I would love to play some of the new Nintendo games coming out on the new system during swim meets in between events or whatever. I can imagine me doing that. And playing games like Breath Of The Wild at almost home console quality seems like a beautiful thing.

Due to the radical change in hardware design and internal technology, we’ve been told by one source that there are no plans for backwards compatibility.

Another source said the system would run on a new operating system from Nintendo. It won’t, contrary to some earlier rumours, simply run on Android.

Some rumours were debunked, and I honestly don’t get why it would be a rumour that Nintendo would use simple Andriod for an OS. I just don’t see it. I just don’t.

And the backwards compatibility, I honestly am not suprised they won’t support backwards compatibility. It just didn’t work with the Wii, and I get why, but it’s just disappointing  to see that things like that to go.

All in all, it seems interesting, and I honestly think that Nintendo is making the right choice in doing this, with new technology and a new design, something we’ve never seen before, I would definitely get it after reading some more into it.

Now, I know this wasn’t that in detail or anything, but I really don’t have too much to say, but I wanted to say something because it seemed interesting. Again, if you want another opinion and a great post on the NX from another new blogger, go check out and get some more info.

Also I wanted to get something out today. From now I will follow a Thursday and Sunday Post Schedule. See you guys tomorrow! Tatakai, out!


Battlefield vs COD

So, currently there are two BIG games coming out, and that’s Battlefield 1 and No Mans Sky. I am very excited for both of them, but No Mans Sky comes out sooner, so I gotta get it. Wait, there’s another game? A Cod game? Wha- what? I was never informed about this. Does anyone care about this? No? I didn’t think so. Hmm

Nah, I’m just kidding. There is a huge debate of whether Battlefield 1 or Call Of Duty: Infinite Amount of Ways to Screw Up a Game will be better. And this post will…. not be covering that debate, but will be covering the Battlefield vs Cod in general debate. So, let me say that when I started with shooters, I enjoyed COD so much more, and was the opposite case for my brother, who LOVED battlefield, and I get why. But for some reason, my 4th grade mind found COD much simpler and easier to play, and that makes sense because I was in 4th grade, and things needed to be so much more simple in those times.

But that doesn’t mean I am a Cod Fanboy, and I’m not. The only COD I really enjoy is BO 2, but now that my Xbox 360 broke, I can’t enjoy the simplistic and primitive movement system of that game. Recently I went to a friend’s house and we played that game, and I had so much fun. That game also holds a special place in my heart, because it was the first shooter I ever played, and that’s the game that got me into major gaming that I do today.

That was a small disclaimer. Another small disclaimer. This is my opinion on the debate. So if you disagree, don’t be a jerk about it, i respect your opinion, so I think you should respect mine.

Now that’s out of the way, let’s get into the debate. Because I’m me and I am weird, I honestly enjoy the BF series more, though I have only played two games, and three for Cod. The main factor for  me is the replay ability of Battlefield.

Now, I can hear you guys laughing. No, I am not including Battlefield Hardline in this debate. That game Died out faster then my first relationship, and that’s a big accomplishment. And that game was a game made from a different company, a company that doesn’t have experience in making a proper BF game. So that game is going to stay out of this conversation. (If you can’t tell, I have mild ADHD, so i will constantly go off topic).

As I was saying, I like BF more mainly for the replay ability of the multiplayer. Yes, I know, I got to prestige 4 in Black Ops 2, and barely got that far in BF4, I still had more fun while playing BF 4 than BO 2 or AW. (I am scared as to what Sledgehammer did making AW) The amount of guns in BF 3 and 4 will always trump the amount of guns in any cod game. There always have been a small amount of guns in cod, and I like that, but I also like the fast amount of guns like in BF 3 and 4. The small amount of guns in Cod is a good design choice in its own way, because the large amount of  attachments accompanying the small weapon selection. There are also a large amount of other things that accompany the guns in Cod that also make the small gun selection respectable. But I’m not saying the gun selection in COD is small small, its still a good size. A small weapon selection is Battlefield Hardline. THAT’S a small weapon selection, too small of a weapon selection.

But on the contrary, BF 3-4 have a large amount of guns and equipment, and yes, I know people say that there was too much, too many guns, too much equipment, just too much. And I am aware that it was a lot, but I liked the REALLY large amount of guns and equipment in that game. It gave a lot of variety and presented a LOT of different play styles, and the chances where that there was a gun that somebody liked and was good at. That was the case for me. I was a huge sniper and support person, helping the team out by staying back, providing cover and killing people from a distance. It’s just a satisfying feeling when you kill someone that’s across the map. Uhhhh, That feeling is beautiful. This is also a feeling that you can’t really get in Cod. Yes, you can kill someone from across the map, but that’s different. The Cod maps are small and dense with cover and buildings. And that is a segway to my next topic –

Maps. Maps are one of the main entities that tie into how the game is played, and if it is playable or not. Having good maps is very important, and both these games have very good maps. *Cough* Nuketown 2025 *Exaggerated Cough* But, both these games have totally different styles of maps. As mentioned before, Battlefield’s maps are larger, and more spread out, allowing planes and aircraft to be a mechanic, same with boats. Call of Duty maps are small, Dense, and snipers aren’t used as they are supposed to be used. The only mechanic that was introduced vehicle wise was a tank in an older game, I think COD 4, I’m not sure, and I’m too lazy to look it up at the moment. And I wouldn’t be so surprised if the developers knew that that would be the case.

The map difference is a thing that sets the two games apart, and makes them very difficult to compare. So, what do I like more?

Well, honestly, I like the bigger maps. Its like what they say, the bigger the better, right?  (I would insert a lenny here, but because WordPress text layout is a thing, it doesn’t turn out right… *Sigh*) But the bigger maps fit my style of playing, sniping. A small amount of kills traded for the safety of the distance. But yet again, there are other things in Battlefield such as planes and Boats and Cars that make the map more traverse-able , but some of them are still BIG.

On the other hand, we have Cod’s maps that don’t have the space for large teams. Cod maps have smaller teams with no vehicles, and no fancy mechanics that make the game any more complicated then it needs to be. The small maps make the game fast paced and close quarters. And sense most maps have lack of height variety, it is rare that you have really far distance engagements.

So, all in all, I prefer Battlefield, but that doesn’t mean that I don’t like COD,. I enjoy it quite a lot, but it depends on the game.

So, thats my opinion on one of the most common debates in the world of gaming. So, hopefully you enjoyed, and I will see you Wednesday. Tatakai, out!



Hello, My name is Tatakai, a 7th grader that wanted to try blogging for the first time, mainly because I have some opinions that don’t get shared, and I also like writing so blogging sounded quite fun to me. So I gave it a try.

So, what will I talk about in this blog? Well, as the title suggests, I am a huge gamer, as in Video games and table top games. I love these things, and I have always had opinions I have always wanted to share, but never had the means to do so.

Now, this blog won’t just be limited to gaming, as I do have other opinions that I do want to talk about that don’t have to do with the common talk about gaming on this blog. And those will come out whenever I feel like talking about a topic that isn’t about gaming. Either that or I will sometimes maybe briefly talk about 3-4 topics, a few gaming, and a few General topics, so you will find a few of those, at least I think. This is my first post, and I still don’t know what I want to do with this blog soooooo, yea.

I’m sorry if this post is a little cringy, I will spend more time on other posts, I just wanted to get this out quick, and just wanted to get something on the blog ASAP. I will probably edit this or make a better version at a later date, but this will do for now.

I want to temporarily set a sort of schedule that will outline my Idea for the frequency of the posts on this thing. I want to maybe post every other day, Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Saturday. This is because the day that I post I can start on another post, maybe a draft, then I have the entire next day to work on making the entire post, editing and adding stuff, but that may change when school starts because that starts very soon, like in two weeks as of the release of this post, (Side note, while writing this post, Im about to leave for Star Trek: Beyond, so that may also be why this is so bad).

So After seeing Star Trek, I will get to work on Wednesdays post so, later. Tatakai, out.