Video Games Into Movies

Can we all agree that there are a lot of bad Movie Adaptations of video games, just to name a few: Super Mario Bros, Resident Evil, Mortal Combat, Prince of Persia, so on. We can all agree that these movies are pretty bad.

And even though that there is some hope in the industry (Mass Effect, Portal, And Assassins Creed, I’m looking at you) and I am hopeful. But I have had some Ideas that, being a small kid that nobody listens to, that could actually work if done right. So, here are my “Video Games that could be turned into movies”.


1: To the moon

I really think that To The Moon, the cinematic RPG sensation, should really be made into a movie, or should be attempted, or even thought about being made into a movie by some sort of movie producer.

The game is very clearly a game that was meant for the story and not the gameplay. It very much reminded me at least about “walking simulators” like Dear Esther, or The Disappearance of Nathan Carter, and this wasn’t the greatest game gameplay wise.

But the thing that keeps getting people coming back is that tear jerking story, and that is what a movie is all about, right? The story.

And that is exactly what To The Moon has. And it would be an awesome movie.

Especially the ending. We would all like to see the ending on the big screen.


2: Dear Esther, or Other walking simulators

I don’t have much to say here… They are story based games…


3: Presentable liberty

This has the quality of a walking simulator, but on drugs. And a story, on drugs.

This game was made popular by the legend on youtube. Markiplier, and his long marathon playthrough of this relatively short game. What makes this game interesting is the extreme twists, and the fact that it is able to tell a story with a game where you stand in a cell and read letters (and a clicker game that no one knows about but whatever). And the story is not explored very much and has a lot of potential for a movie.

The basic rundown is that you are a prisoner in solitary confinement, isolated from the world, only to be sent letters that are closely monitored from the receivers. These letters tell you the story of what is happening outside of your simple jail cell.

A disease has broke out, and it causes catastrophic organ failure. This means a lot of people are selling their organs on the black market, just to make money and for other people to live.

I’ll just stop there, with just adding that Mr. Money is pretty much Mr. Krabs with money, on drugs. (how many times have I said that in this section?)

4: Mirror’s Edge

It has it all: Action, a really good story, a good setting, the perfect set-up for a movie spin-off.

There was a sequel made, which I really don’t know or care much about, but the main game was near short of a masterpiece. I love this game to pieces, and really want to see it into a movie.

5: Myst

The point and click adventure that has so much mystery (see what I did there?) surrounding it. It has a very deep story for its time, and I have heard so much about it, so much GOOD about it. And I have never played it.

And that shows how much this really needs to actually be a movie.

The lore of the game is deep, and leaves plenty of room to make a movie about the origins of the island and how everything works and whatnot. I don’t know.


Now I would like to address the movies that are on their way to the theatres.


They are finally talking with the man, the legend, JJ Abrams, to make movie adaptations of the games Portal and Half-Life. This may actually help Valve count to three. AREN’T YOU EXCITED? I sure am.

Maybe they are planning on making HL 1 and 2, and making only a movie for 3, and not a game. That wouldn’t be horrible. And we might actually get an Idea of who the G-Man is. I don’t know all I know is that I am excited hell yes AHHH.

And what could happen with the portal movies? My only thought is maybe make the Lab Rat comics more open to the public, as I didn’t know that that thing was canon until I watched the game theory episode on portal.

Really the only other thing that they could do with portal is explain who Chell is, why she was chosen for testing, what happens to her after testing (I don’t think that will happen as they would only appeal to gamers, or they would have to smush portal one and two into the beginning to explain what happened to the average movie-goer) or what happened during the many, MANY years between Portal 1 and 2, and how the world supposedly turned to hell.


Two: Borderlands

Yes. YEEEEEEEEEESSSSSSSSS. I recently have been getting into the Borderlands Franchise, and I have been loving it, probably being only like 3 percent into the first game. But it is still a really good game, and has potential to be put on the big screen, though they have plenty of room to screw it up. PLENTY.


Three: Ordinal Scale

For those of you that actually know what I’m talking about, I that SAO isn’t technically a video game, but I think it counts. Sword Art Online is the story of the video game of death by the same name that got (i think) 2-3 thousand people stuck in it. The game uses a system called the nerve gear, and helmet that pretty much tricks the brain into feeling and seeing an new world. It can also microwave your brain into mush, making this game the game of death, as there is no logout, and if someone from the outside tries to remove the Nerve Gear, then you will still get you brain turned into soup.


Now, the movie is going to take place in a game called Ordinal Scale. And that is my main question. WHY???? WHY NOT JUST MAKE A MOVIE COVERING THE FIRST GOD DAMN BOOK OF THE NOVEL???????


Sorry, my triggered side of my opinion of this movie came out. I want to see this movie when it comes out next year, but I also want to say that it really should have been covering the ending of their times in SAO, and not a brand new god damn adventure.

Now, before I go, what Video games would you like to be seen made into movies? Let me know!
And with that: Tatakai, out.



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