Starwars Battlefront: Rogue One

So I just went to go see Star Wars 3.9: Rogue One, and holy hell was it awesome. There are some problems with it (the trailers) but it was still a great movie regardless.

And probably the best feature about the movie is the fact that there was not as much build-up compared to the movies after it, and instead more fighting and more epicness and more time to get the main message of the movie across, which HIHSE (How It Should Have Ended) thought was trust, and maybe sacrifice, but mainly trust.

Now, when I was watching the awesome low-key war scene at the ending half of the movie (it seemed like it was that long, but I’m not complaining) I thought “Well, we have Starwars Battlefront, and there it has really only major Dogfighting and Boots-On-The-Ground fighting in their own gamemodes. So why not use Rogue One as an excuse to make a gamemode that is unique and combines both of those gamemodes.” So I came up with this Idea. The new gamemode for Star Wars Battlefront, titles simply “Rogue One”.

Basic Idea:

The basic Idea behind this is “Rogue One was epic, Star Wars Battlefront is Epic at times, so why not make an epic x3 experience by combining both of those?” And so I thought it out, and I think it could actually work.

Make a gamemode based off of the Final battle of Rogue One

Now, cut me some slack because I don’t actually play this game anymore, and have moved on to other games, *cough* OSU! *exaggerated cough* But I still have a basic Idea of the game, so I actually somewhat know what I am talking about.


There are the two main teams, Rebels and the Imperials, of course. This is obvious.

But there are two squads per team, dog fighters, and boots-on-the-ground fighters. Both squads are on each team. Each Squad has their own Objective.

The Dog Fighters Goal on the Rebel team is to break through the force-field over the planet in which the final planet takes place (the name I forget). The Imperials goal is to protect it, and hold off the Rebel fighters.

Now, for On the ground fighters for the rebel side. These fighters are in limited supply for, say the first 10 minutes of the fight, then reinforcements can come in. But there are the heroes (Which don’t have much special about them, sense they are no more than me or you) who give the rebels a bit of a boost power wise. The Heroes are the main characters of the movie and the main members of the Rogue One Squad, and the other fighters are the ten volunteers for the original mission.

This could be a thing because I thought of this and planned this out in my head to as unbalanced as possible without crossing the “unfair” line. And I think I almost got to that point.

This should be unbalanced because there are more on the ground fighters for the Imperial side than the Rebel side, and same somewhat goes for the Dog Fighters, though not on as large of a scale.

The Imperials on the ground are nothing special, just you class, and your against the rebels, defending the main tower on which the plans for the Death Star are held.

Now, here is where it gets interesting. What if we laid out the game like a round of zombie survival on Gmod, where, when the Rebels advance to a certain Check-Point, the the Imperials Spawn point get pushed back, eventually they spawn inside the Imperial base and then the combat transitions from large, open maps into close quarters. Then into really close quarters as you move up the tower.

Then, maybe as an Imperial Fighter Pilot, you goal may be to destroy the tower the further the Rebels advance, and as a Rebel Pilot, then you are trying to stop them from doing that, but you are out numbered and so on.

I don’t know. This was just a little Idea that popped into my head as I finished watching the movie.

That was that post. Hopefully you enjoyed, even though it was pretty short.

And with that, Tatakai, Out.


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