My Views On Mobile Gaming

I realized that I haven’t posted in SOOOOO long, and I also have not mentioned that I now have a fictional blog, so go check that out here —>


Mobile gaming is something that I really have never been a big fan of. But there are a lot of things going for it, such as being able to entertain you even when you are away from any console or computer. And for some people, it does really well. For me, not so much. I have never been able to get into mobile games, I have never really liked them, and here is why.

Now, I am not saying that I hate all mobile games, because that is not true. There are a few mobile games that I really enjoy. Key word in that sentence is few. There aren’t very many mobile games that can keep my attention for more than a few weeks. The most any game has done is about three to four months.

Now, some of the things I hear about some mobile games entail things like “people have spent hours and hours into this one game and is blah blah blah”. The thing is, I can never see how anyone can be entertained by a game for more than 2 months, because these games get BORING after a while. Some games to it right, games that are community based are the best, because there are large amounts of content created by the community to keep you invested, such as Geometry Dash, but even THAT got boring.

What I am trying to say is that there is so much these developers can do to a game, but they just fall short in entertainment value. The content in most games just gets bland or repetitive, things such as clicker games and simulation games like Hay Day, or Clash Of Clans. Everything just got boring because everything just got repetitive. Now, Hay Day ins’t a bad culprit of this trend, if you can put it that way, but it still can fall short at times.


Hey, does anybody remember this game?Image result for kingdoms of camelot battle for the north

No? Nobody? No? Okay then. Does anyone know this game?

Image result for game of war fire age

Yea? Well guess what, The first game, KOC, did the entire genre that Game of War and Mobile Strike follow. Both games are complete, re-skinned copies of KOC, and that is a perfect segway into my next topic, the entire advertisement scene of these mobile games.

Now, I am going to go on a little rant. I want to say that I could not ,for the life of me, find any release date of any of the apps mentioned, so Game of War, KOC, and Mobile Strike. So I am basing the fact that I played plenty of KOC before I had ever seen Game Of War anywhere on the app store. So if Game Of War did it first, and I don’t think it did, then please tell me, so I don’t look like a complete retard. 

And by advertisement apps, I am talking about the games that advertise WAY TOO MUCH. The entire thing, all of the crappy advertisements, aren’t going to get people to pay while playing your game, or at least I thought, as the commercials seem to keep coming, but in bigger numbers, too. I have played Game Of War and Mobile Strike both, and they both suck, and they are copies of a game that did it first, even though that one was bad, too. The copies that are trying to get money are worse than the original. How the hell do you do that?

Finally, its the little stuff, like some “free” games being able to cost so much more than simple pay once and play. Any game that offers in-app purchase can easily cost more than any other game on the app store, because you can put as much money you want into said free game just to become better. You need to do things right, sense most games that offer in-app purchase are a kind of pay-to-win. There are a lot of games that do this right, and by that I mean, you can play the game and get really far without spending a single penny. One of the greatest examples of this is the new Pewdiepie tuber simulator, the game that does the you-don’t-need-to-spend-a-single-penny-to-be-good thing.

Well, that was my post to get me back into blogging. I need to get into an actual rhythm for doing this, because I am just not good at remembering to do it.



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