No Mans Sky: My Excitement

So, Currently, I had the Idea of Longer posts happen Thursday, and the shorter, ranty posts will happen Sunday. So, that’s that. This will be a more ranty posts.

So, in my Battlefield vs COD Post (Which got a LOT of support, so thank you)  I mentioned the game “No Man’s Sky” a new game that has a lot of hype surrounding it. And now that there is a week left about until the game comes out, I thought I would share my thoughts on this heavenly game.

My thoughts on this beauty of a game…. I AM SO EXCITED!!!! This game… I have been excited for this game since it was announced. So, this game mainly reminds me of the book “Ready Player One”. In that book, there was a VR game called “The Oasis”, a giant galaxy with thousands of planets with 27 different sectors. No Mans Sky is a game with hundreds of thousands of planets with hundreds of galaxies to explore. Each planet is supposed to have it’s own unique ecosystem and all that stuff… but the great part about this game is you can explore it all!

I was reading another post about this game, and they said that there are two types of playstyles: Discover planets, or discover the planets and all the plants and animals on said Planet. And I’ve heard that you can name all of the species and planets you find, which seems like a good Idea, but also may be a really bad Idea, because the internet is the internet, and things can go south far too quickly. (This Video Explains it Far too well. Here)

All planets and Galaxies are procedural generated, and the game looks beautiful as well. To me, it looks slightly cartoony, and not entirely realistic, but it may just be the alien feel they are going for. Who knows. Just look up the three IGN Firsts on the game, it looks amazing. Truly, truly amazing.

Now, I will be giving the info I got from the IGN Eighteen Minutes of gameplay from No Mans Sky as info for this post. Go Check out the Video here. Its very entertaining and interesting.

Now, the discovery system. So, when you see an animal or plant that is new and you think hasn’t been discovered, you can scan it, and you will discover it. Now, after you expedition across the planet, you can find a beacon, where you can upload your discoveries, name them, and you can get some money from doing so. Which seems just really cool. And I’m guessing that you use the money to upgrade your gear, buy new ships, and new weapons. I’m guessing that there are a lot of hostile creatures and animals, or maybe even plants. Hostile plants that track you down and kill you? Maybe? Or would that not be a plant? Hmm….

Now, there are some hostile creatures that will attack you without any reasoning, except for the fact that they want food, and they want to try your exotic meat. Now, whatever you do, try not to kill the creatures. If you kill an animal on a planet that is already discovered, then a “Sentinal” will come to you. If you kill one off, then your wanted level will go up. Now, the guys in the video compare this to GTA, and it is very similar, but it’s on a galactic level. If you want to get your wanted level to go down, then you can just fly off into space and they will just forget about you. Which is a nice feature.

Now, if you die from a situation involving the sentenials that escalated from shooting a goat in the feet, then the resources that you haven’t stored and the discoveries that you haven’t logged into a beacon will go away, and you will have to gather once again.

There also is a system of mining and gathering resources. Now in the demo, there was only one example of the guy getting resources, and that was from shooting these crystals. Now, you can combine these elements and minerals to get stronger alloys, that will most likely be integrated into some sort of crafting system, or you can just sell them for even more money. (I see inflation being a thing in this games economy. Economics WOO)

Now after this video, a cool mechanic that he mentioned was the trading system, and to get rich, you don’t even need to explore the planets. You can just start your own monopoly and just get rich from buying low, selling high, and just starting a simulation of a galactic business. Which seems really cool.

Those are some of the mechanics and features of the new game, No Man’s Sky. I am SOOOO excited for this game, and I am definitely getting it on steam the day it comes out. That is going to be my early birthday present.

So, hopefully you guys are just as excited for this game just as much as I am, and it will be interesting to see how this game turns out. In the meantime, I’m going to work on Thursdays post. So, see you guys Thursday. Tatakai, out!


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