A Comprehensive Guide and Explanation to the Stone Slab Meme

Internet culture is a place full of confusion, mindless humor, and interesting study. For one who is not familiar with the internet, internet memes might confuse them, maybe even scare them as plenty of new stories about “Millennial Humor” has proven. Those that casually indulge in memes by scrolling through their reddit feed in mindless entertainment, maybe even making them if they have the proper tools. Those who are more interested in the qualities of the memes instead of the humor take study of how memes start, grow, and how they succeed. Recently, the internet, more specifically Reddit, have been confused, and maybe slightly entertained by, the stone slab meme.

It sounds exactly as it is. The internet has made a joke out of the most trivial of things, and the internet is confused, subs of me_irl are confused, non-meme addicts are confused, and I am very interested and intrigued. This paper is going to explore a few things: What memes are, how the stone slab meme came to be, how it succeeded as a meme, how it is a very unique meme, and why the internet might be mindlessly letting the meme spread.

Memetics is the study of how thoughts and ideas spread to other minds, how fast they spread, and why they spread. A meme is not just a term that had its start because of the internet, it has been a study for years. The internet only helped it be a more mainstream idea. A meme is kind of like a germ or a virus; memes spread from mind to mind through verbal or visual communication just like germs spread from one person to another through physical contact. Although memes aren’t quite physical in the way that we can see their presence, they still spread, and they are still there. The one problem many people have with memes and memetics is that it is very abstract, and it is, but that is part of the interest.

So, how does this tie into the internet memes? The internet is the best petri dish for memes to grow, evolve, and spread. The ability to communicate with others at speeds unimaginable to those two decades ago allows for a sort of virality that bacteria can only dream of having. And because of this property memes have, the conditions memes must survive in is much harsher, as the competition us much fiercer. And because of that competition, the stone slab meme shouldn’t be able to exist in its current, viral form, yet it flooded r/me_irl in the course of twenty-four hours. The success of the meme can be credited to many things, but the main factor in it’s success is how it spreads and survives on its own: the meme is parasitic in nature.  

A meme that is parasitic sounds quite idiotic at first, but the more you think about it, especially if you know about the meme, it makes more sense. The meme is a simple one, probably one of the simplest that has touched the “best posts” page of r/me_irl since the red square meme. It’s literally just a picture of a slab of concrete. Not much can be done with it; yes, you can add the occasional text saying something along the lines of “Upvote this so I can be on the front page” or “Free karma farm”, but beyond that, the meme is too simple for it to survive on its own beyond that. So it started depending on other memes to do the hard work for it. The meme inserts itself in as many other memes as possible and goes from there.

Another reason for the meme’s success is the context of the meme. The only reason why it’s funny, or has any success in the first place, is because Reddit knows that the slab isn’t funny. They know that the slab is the epitome of an anti-joke, and that is another reason as to why people just keep making jokes about it. Reddit knows it’s a bad meme, but because they know it, they keep making jokes about it, causing the meme to spread further and make it much more successful. In theory, it shouldn’t work, but in practice, it does.

The fact that the stone slab meme succeeds the way it does is quite unique. Even the memes that Reddit constantly compares it to: the nut and bolt meme and the red square meme, aren’t quite the same  as this meme. The nuts and bolts meme had its origins very clearly defined: it was a new year’s joke, a picture of different coloured nuts with the caption “this is a 2018 meme you won’t understand.” So, the meme became on of the most forced memes r/me_irl had seen. It had very little context behind it, and that context that did exist lacked substance. But that meme doesn’t have quite the same qualities that the stone slab meme has. The nuts and Bolts meme didn’t jack itself into other memes, it was a meme that people played around with for a solid week until it died out. Overall, the only true similarities that the nut meme has to the Stone Slab is that they are both extreme cases of Anti-humor, which the internet seems to love yet hate at the same time.

Behind all this, the fact that the meme’s entire basis is anti-humor, the fact that the Stone Slab meme is a parasitic meme, and how the meme is extremely unique, there is still a lingering question. Why is it still alive? It really should have died out at least, at most it shouldn’t even be popular. My explanation for this is as follows: the meme is a commentary on how reddit will literally updoot anything.

Sorry, I couldn’t resist the chance to make you think I was just writing a very elaborate shitpost referencing a meme that got banned from r/me_irl a while ago.  I’m not, and there is actual substance to that claim. The entire idea that sparked this analysis is how Reddit is keeping this meme alive because it is showing that Reddit and meme pages will make a joke of anything and they are willing to make anything popular if it has any sort of humorous value or has any sort of “elaborate context.” It’s sort of paradoxical, as it is a subreddit making a meme that is mocking reddit, which is being fed more and more and being made more and more. The joke that is mocking the subreddit for having bad humor is the epitome of itself by being bad humor, and its growing and growing as a meme.

And beyond that, I think that confusion is also feeding into the karma farm that is this meme. What it started as, I don’t know exactly. But wherever it started, it started as a shitpost that attracted upvotes because the people looking at it didn’t know what it was and they were looking for answers. Along those confused people, somebody came along and reposted it, as reddit does. From there, more people upvoted it in confusion, and it grew and grew until the meme could not sustain itself after people learned that it was just a tactic of karma farming. But it was widespread enough for meme producers to put it into other memes, mix and match until there was a meme that the stone slab meme could leach off of enough to get more upvotes. This, again, is an example of how the meme’s success being parasitic in nature is quite unique.

On the surface, the stone slab meme seems like an elaborate karma farm disguised as a meme and a joke. And that might just be what it is, but it is also an elaborate karma farming meme that is parasitic in nature and is a very unique meme in how it survives and thrives. This meme was a joy to explore and research; most memes nowadays are not quite as deep as this meme is, and coming across something such as the stone slab meme is nice.

I mean, me too, thanks.


My Thoughts On: Portal 2



Well here we are again

It’s always such a pleasure

Remember how I have horrible writing habits




Hello there. I have been getting more into story driven games instead of my habits to play games that don’t have a story so I don’t get distracted with said story. One of those games was Portal 2, the sequel to Valve’s experimental success, Portal. I think everyone reading this knows about or has played either of the Portal Games,  but I will explain for the two of you who don’t know.

Portal is a puzzle game where your goal is to solve many different puzzles using portals, an interdimensional gate that allows you to step from one place to another that’s across the room in a fraction of a second. It’s pretty much a colourful wormhole that doesn’t require massive amounts of energy that can’t exist because Einstein said so and so on. So the game requires you to think irrationally and it’s really neat. I enjoy it and so do many others.

The first game, Portal, started as a Senior project made by students attending DigiPen institute of Technology in 2005. They went by Nuclear Monkey Software. The game was titled Narbacular Drop and you played as a princess that was trying to escape a dungeon filled with many puzzle-like rooms for some reason. You were able to place portals (That did not look anything like the portals from Portal) to escape each level. The game was so well made that it fell under the radar of Valve and so they made a game and released it as an addition to the orange box, which included Half life 1, Half Life 2, and Portal.

The game saw much success, so much that a sequel was made that had a more fleshed out story and one that was quite amazing. One that I absolutely love. But I haven’t played the game until now? How come?

Well actually, I have played both games before on my XBox when I was still a console gamer, but never finished them. I never did until now.

That was back when we still had a 360 that still worked and could run the Orange Box and Portal 2. Then the disk drive broke and then I couldn’t actually play Oblivion which was quite sad. And Skate 3. Most of my favorite games where on that console. Sad.

Anyways. The game was the game that I got about halfway through when I was sick and is still a really good game to play if you’re sick. Unless you have a really weak stomach. Then the motion stuff might get to you. But that’s really light stuff that doesn’t hit most people.

It’s good because it just keeps your mind stimulated and distracts you from how you’re not feeling good and I love games like that.

ANYWAYS. I need to stop writing like this. Getting all distracted and stuff.

So, after the history part of the game, let’s get into the review of the game.





The story of the game is simple at first. All of the humans in the relaxation vaults have died because of a malfunction in the generators or something like that. And Chell, being the superhuman she is, somehow survives. So Wheatley (Voiced by Stephen Merchant, known mainly by his roll on the U.K version of The Office) the core designated to taking care of the <british accent>”smelly humans” </british accent> wakes her up to see if there are any survivors. Wheatley is fed up with… The humans I guess? And you have been trapped and harrased and insulted enough by GlaDOS that you and him both want to escape.

Simple, right?

WRONG. Because things get really complicated, because in an attempt to help you escape, Wheatley detaches GlaDOS from her body, and attaches himself. It seems like a good solution, until you consider what the body is for. And that is meant for adding purpose to the core attached to it. I think that’s how it works, anyways. So Wheatley gets himself attached to a body that is evil and corrupt and that loves testing. That is not good, considering that, later on in the game, we figure out that Wheatley was created as one of the personality cores to control GlaDOS. What was his purpose? TO MAKE BAD DECISIONS! I KNOW! And we put him into command.

Anyways, we are thrown into a pit and Hijinx ensues.

I don’t want to get into what happens after that so whoever may be reading this can experience the game for themselves.   </story>



The Game is simple. Solve puzzles using Portals. Get to the end. Beat the game. Simple.


The game is very smooth and plays well. It is a valve game with a huge budget, so that’s given. The controls are solid and I never had a problem controlling Chel at any time during the play through. The only problem I had with it is a wished Chel could move a little faster, but that isn’t all that bad because everything is packed together and it doesn’t take long to get to one section to the other. It just makes spaced out puzzles more of a drag.

It also makes “The Escape” a little less intense.

The game is just smooth all together. The game feels amazing and it deals with the trippy feel of portals really well. Transitions are smooth and seemless, and very few glitches are present in the game altogether.

At least it’s better than Portal was with being able to go out of bounds easier than the game was to beat.



I enjoyed the game. It was made really well (better than the first) and has much more content to enjoy. The story was really well made and the storytelling was one of the best I’ve seen for a videogame. The script was even better with Ellen McLain nailing her role has GlaDOS really well, and J.K Simmons doing really well with Cave Johnson. I don’t think anyone else would be able to pull of a Johnson as well as he did.

The game controls like a valve game. No complaints there.

And everything else just checks out in my book. The game is high quality and fit my needs really well.



You may have noticed the tag that was labeled “main game”. Well:


The game has two more game modes, community test chambers and multiplayer. (Don’t ask me what their names are in the lore of the game. I’m not that much of a Portal fanboy.) I’ll talk about the community made chambers only because I haven’t played the multiplayer before so.


The game is equipped with a test-chamber-maker. So that gave people the idea to make their own, really creative test chambers. Then people decided to take that to the next level and mod the game to adding custom features, like reflection gel and whatever the Unreal Chambers are. (I got a headache from playing those chambers.) It’s amazing what people have done with the game and what people will continue to do with the game going on.

I enjoy playing community test chambers and will continue to play them in the future. They are really entertaining.




Portal 2 is a great example of what Valve can do with plenty of time and a bit of funds. This is the kind of thing we expect from HL 3 when it comes out. Notice I said “when”. That’s a topic for another day.

People joke around with the idea of “Portal 3” but I don’t see that ever happening. It’s something that wouldn’t be easily written because of how Portal 2 closed all connections that could be filled with a third game. I think we can excuse Valve’s lack of ability to count to 3 here. They don’t need to. Unless they want to turn Blue Sky into a game, I really don’t think they will continue the story of Chel and Aperture science.





Video Games Into Movies

Can we all agree that there are a lot of bad Movie Adaptations of video games, just to name a few: Super Mario Bros, Resident Evil, Mortal Combat, Prince of Persia, so on. We can all agree that these movies are pretty bad.

And even though that there is some hope in the industry (Mass Effect, Portal, And Assassins Creed, I’m looking at you) and I am hopeful. But I have had some Ideas that, being a small kid that nobody listens to, that could actually work if done right. So, here are my “Video Games that could be turned into movies”.


1: To the moon

I really think that To The Moon, the cinematic RPG sensation, should really be made into a movie, or should be attempted, or even thought about being made into a movie by some sort of movie producer.

The game is very clearly a game that was meant for the story and not the gameplay. It very much reminded me at least about “walking simulators” like Dear Esther, or The Disappearance of Nathan Carter, and this wasn’t the greatest game gameplay wise.

But the thing that keeps getting people coming back is that tear jerking story, and that is what a movie is all about, right? The story.

And that is exactly what To The Moon has. And it would be an awesome movie.

Especially the ending. We would all like to see the ending on the big screen.


2: Dear Esther, or Other walking simulators

I don’t have much to say here… They are story based games…


3: Presentable liberty

This has the quality of a walking simulator, but on drugs. And a story, on drugs.

This game was made popular by the legend on youtube. Markiplier, and his long marathon playthrough of this relatively short game. What makes this game interesting is the extreme twists, and the fact that it is able to tell a story with a game where you stand in a cell and read letters (and a clicker game that no one knows about but whatever). And the story is not explored very much and has a lot of potential for a movie.

The basic rundown is that you are a prisoner in solitary confinement, isolated from the world, only to be sent letters that are closely monitored from the receivers. These letters tell you the story of what is happening outside of your simple jail cell.

A disease has broke out, and it causes catastrophic organ failure. This means a lot of people are selling their organs on the black market, just to make money and for other people to live.

I’ll just stop there, with just adding that Mr. Money is pretty much Mr. Krabs with money, on drugs. (how many times have I said that in this section?)

4: Mirror’s Edge

It has it all: Action, a really good story, a good setting, the perfect set-up for a movie spin-off.

There was a sequel made, which I really don’t know or care much about, but the main game was near short of a masterpiece. I love this game to pieces, and really want to see it into a movie.

5: Myst

The point and click adventure that has so much mystery (see what I did there?) surrounding it. It has a very deep story for its time, and I have heard so much about it, so much GOOD about it. And I have never played it.

And that shows how much this really needs to actually be a movie.

The lore of the game is deep, and leaves plenty of room to make a movie about the origins of the island and how everything works and whatnot. I don’t know.


Now I would like to address the movies that are on their way to the theatres.


They are finally talking with the man, the legend, JJ Abrams, to make movie adaptations of the games Portal and Half-Life. This may actually help Valve count to three. AREN’T YOU EXCITED? I sure am.

Maybe they are planning on making HL 1 and 2, and making only a movie for 3, and not a game. That wouldn’t be horrible. And we might actually get an Idea of who the G-Man is. I don’t know all I know is that I am excited hell yes AHHH.

And what could happen with the portal movies? My only thought is maybe make the Lab Rat comics more open to the public, as I didn’t know that that thing was canon until I watched the game theory episode on portal.

Really the only other thing that they could do with portal is explain who Chell is, why she was chosen for testing, what happens to her after testing (I don’t think that will happen as they would only appeal to gamers, or they would have to smush portal one and two into the beginning to explain what happened to the average movie-goer) or what happened during the many, MANY years between Portal 1 and 2, and how the world supposedly turned to hell.


Two: Borderlands

Yes. YEEEEEEEEEESSSSSSSSS. I recently have been getting into the Borderlands Franchise, and I have been loving it, probably being only like 3 percent into the first game. But it is still a really good game, and has potential to be put on the big screen, though they have plenty of room to screw it up. PLENTY.


Three: Ordinal Scale

For those of you that actually know what I’m talking about, I that SAO isn’t technically a video game, but I think it counts. Sword Art Online is the story of the video game of death by the same name that got (i think) 2-3 thousand people stuck in it. The game uses a system called the nerve gear, and helmet that pretty much tricks the brain into feeling and seeing an new world. It can also microwave your brain into mush, making this game the game of death, as there is no logout, and if someone from the outside tries to remove the Nerve Gear, then you will still get you brain turned into soup.


Now, the movie is going to take place in a game called Ordinal Scale. And that is my main question. WHY???? WHY NOT JUST MAKE A MOVIE COVERING THE FIRST GOD DAMN BOOK OF THE NOVEL???????


Sorry, my triggered side of my opinion of this movie came out. I want to see this movie when it comes out next year, but I also want to say that it really should have been covering the ending of their times in SAO, and not a brand new god damn adventure.

Now, before I go, what Video games would you like to be seen made into movies? Let me know!
And with that: Tatakai, out.


Starwars Battlefront: Rogue One

So I just went to go see Star Wars 3.9: Rogue One, and holy hell was it awesome. There are some problems with it (the trailers) but it was still a great movie regardless.

And probably the best feature about the movie is the fact that there was not as much build-up compared to the movies after it, and instead more fighting and more epicness and more time to get the main message of the movie across, which HIHSE (How It Should Have Ended) thought was trust, and maybe sacrifice, but mainly trust.

Now, when I was watching the awesome low-key war scene at the ending half of the movie (it seemed like it was that long, but I’m not complaining) I thought “Well, we have Starwars Battlefront, and there it has really only major Dogfighting and Boots-On-The-Ground fighting in their own gamemodes. So why not use Rogue One as an excuse to make a gamemode that is unique and combines both of those gamemodes.” So I came up with this Idea. The new gamemode for Star Wars Battlefront, titles simply “Rogue One”.

Basic Idea:

The basic Idea behind this is “Rogue One was epic, Star Wars Battlefront is Epic at times, so why not make an epic x3 experience by combining both of those?” And so I thought it out, and I think it could actually work.

Make a gamemode based off of the Final battle of Rogue One

Now, cut me some slack because I don’t actually play this game anymore, and have moved on to other games, *cough* OSU! *exaggerated cough* But I still have a basic Idea of the game, so I actually somewhat know what I am talking about.


There are the two main teams, Rebels and the Imperials, of course. This is obvious.

But there are two squads per team, dog fighters, and boots-on-the-ground fighters. Both squads are on each team. Each Squad has their own Objective.

The Dog Fighters Goal on the Rebel team is to break through the force-field over the planet in which the final planet takes place (the name I forget). The Imperials goal is to protect it, and hold off the Rebel fighters.

Now, for On the ground fighters for the rebel side. These fighters are in limited supply for, say the first 10 minutes of the fight, then reinforcements can come in. But there are the heroes (Which don’t have much special about them, sense they are no more than me or you) who give the rebels a bit of a boost power wise. The Heroes are the main characters of the movie and the main members of the Rogue One Squad, and the other fighters are the ten volunteers for the original mission.

This could be a thing because I thought of this and planned this out in my head to as unbalanced as possible without crossing the “unfair” line. And I think I almost got to that point.

This should be unbalanced because there are more on the ground fighters for the Imperial side than the Rebel side, and same somewhat goes for the Dog Fighters, though not on as large of a scale.

The Imperials on the ground are nothing special, just you class, and your against the rebels, defending the main tower on which the plans for the Death Star are held.

Now, here is where it gets interesting. What if we laid out the game like a round of zombie survival on Gmod, where, when the Rebels advance to a certain Check-Point, the the Imperials Spawn point get pushed back, eventually they spawn inside the Imperial base and then the combat transitions from large, open maps into close quarters. Then into really close quarters as you move up the tower.

Then, maybe as an Imperial Fighter Pilot, you goal may be to destroy the tower the further the Rebels advance, and as a Rebel Pilot, then you are trying to stop them from doing that, but you are out numbered and so on.

I don’t know. This was just a little Idea that popped into my head as I finished watching the movie.

That was that post. Hopefully you enjoyed, even though it was pretty short.

And with that, Tatakai, Out.

My Views On Mobile Gaming

I realized that I haven’t posted in SOOOOO long, and I also have not mentioned that I now have a fictional blog, so go check that out here —> https://intoinsanity.wordpress.com/


Mobile gaming is something that I really have never been a big fan of. But there are a lot of things going for it, such as being able to entertain you even when you are away from any console or computer. And for some people, it does really well. For me, not so much. I have never been able to get into mobile games, I have never really liked them, and here is why.

Now, I am not saying that I hate all mobile games, because that is not true. There are a few mobile games that I really enjoy. Key word in that sentence is few. There aren’t very many mobile games that can keep my attention for more than a few weeks. The most any game has done is about three to four months.

Now, some of the things I hear about some mobile games entail things like “people have spent hours and hours into this one game and is blah blah blah”. The thing is, I can never see how anyone can be entertained by a game for more than 2 months, because these games get BORING after a while. Some games to it right, games that are community based are the best, because there are large amounts of content created by the community to keep you invested, such as Geometry Dash, but even THAT got boring.

What I am trying to say is that there is so much these developers can do to a game, but they just fall short in entertainment value. The content in most games just gets bland or repetitive, things such as clicker games and simulation games like Hay Day, or Clash Of Clans. Everything just got boring because everything just got repetitive. Now, Hay Day ins’t a bad culprit of this trend, if you can put it that way, but it still can fall short at times.


Hey, does anybody remember this game?Image result for kingdoms of camelot battle for the north

No? Nobody? No? Okay then. Does anyone know this game?

Image result for game of war fire age

Yea? Well guess what, The first game, KOC, did the entire genre that Game of War and Mobile Strike follow. Both games are complete, re-skinned copies of KOC, and that is a perfect segway into my next topic, the entire advertisement scene of these mobile games.

Now, I am going to go on a little rant. I want to say that I could not ,for the life of me, find any release date of any of the apps mentioned, so Game of War, KOC, and Mobile Strike. So I am basing the fact that I played plenty of KOC before I had ever seen Game Of War anywhere on the app store. So if Game Of War did it first, and I don’t think it did, then please tell me, so I don’t look like a complete retard. 

And by advertisement apps, I am talking about the games that advertise WAY TOO MUCH. The entire thing, all of the crappy advertisements, aren’t going to get people to pay while playing your game, or at least I thought, as the commercials seem to keep coming, but in bigger numbers, too. I have played Game Of War and Mobile Strike both, and they both suck, and they are copies of a game that did it first, even though that one was bad, too. The copies that are trying to get money are worse than the original. How the hell do you do that?

Finally, its the little stuff, like some “free” games being able to cost so much more than simple pay once and play. Any game that offers in-app purchase can easily cost more than any other game on the app store, because you can put as much money you want into said free game just to become better. You need to do things right, sense most games that offer in-app purchase are a kind of pay-to-win. There are a lot of games that do this right, and by that I mean, you can play the game and get really far without spending a single penny. One of the greatest examples of this is the new Pewdiepie tuber simulator, the game that does the you-don’t-need-to-spend-a-single-penny-to-be-good thing.

Well, that was my post to get me back into blogging. I need to get into an actual rhythm for doing this, because I am just not good at remembering to do it.


My Favorite Games

I have a large history in gaming, dating back to when I was 6, (That was when I beat my first Video Game) and I have played many games in the 7 years I have been gaming. Though it may not be as big as some other gamers with a collection of games that surpass the 200 mark, which I think is just insane. My steam library is only made up of only 39 games. 39! and I thought that was a big library. I’m getting sidetracked.

As I was saying, I have played quite a few games in my time, but there are ten that stand out as my favorite games of all time. Here is a list of my Favorite video games of all time. (So far)

Number ten: League of legends.

Ooooooh LoL. I used to love you, then I stopped playing you for some reason. I’m gonna stop acting like LoL is a person and more like a video game. LoL is a free to play MOBA (Multi-player online Battle Arena) Where the goal is simple, destroy the enemies Nexus (A giant crystal thing) in the middle of their base.  You do this by teaming up with your team of five and the champion you select. There are over 100 champions to select, each having their own personalities and abilities. Break into their base and win the game. That sounded like an advertisement plug… hmmm…

I don’t know, I’ve spent almost a total of 50 damn hours in this game, and I still have yet to become a cancerous kid that most people are in that game. I don’t know why i’ve played so much of that game, and the same can probably be said about EVERYONE else that plays this toxic game. I don’t have much else to say here.

Number nine: Warframe

With an astounding 31 hours clocked into this game according to steam, Warframe is an online MMO that takes place in… I won’t even try to describe the game. Why try to do that when steam has already done it for you!!!

They were called Tenno. Warriors of blade and gun: masters of the Warframe armor. Those that survived the old war were left drifting among the ruins. Now they are needed once more.

The Grineer, with their vast armies, are spreading throughout the solar system. A call echoes across the stars summoning the Tenno to an ancient place. They summon you.

Allow the Lotus to guide you. She has rescued you from your cryostasis chamber and given you a chance to survive. The Grineer will find you; you must be prepared. The Lotus will teach you the ways of the Warframes and the secrets to unlocking their powers.

Come Tenno, you must join the war.

The game is riddled with almost too many enemies, some easy to kill (Grineer) and some I have a horrible hate for, along with half the other community (*cough* Corpus *Exaggerated Cough*). Even though I don’t play it anymore, and it’s slightly a pay-to-win type of game, I still decided to put this on the list. Play it for yourself. Its fun for a little while.

I like how half these games are gonna be games that I don’t even Play anymore.

Number Eight: Mirrors Edge

So, the only reason why I have Mirrors Edge is because it looked cool, and another Mirrors Edge was coming out, so I wanted to try and beat it by the time the second one came out. Sad thing is, I never did, But I’m planning on it.

This game is an amazing fast passed parkour based game where you play as Faith. In a world where news is very heavily monitored, runners are the way of safe news transportation, with information traveling across the rooftops. Faith is a top grade runner, that just was recommissioned after a long fall that broke her leg or something. After a series of events, Faith’s sister gets murdered, and you’re goal is to figure out who killed your sister. Simple as that, but it’s still not that simple.

Number Seven: Geometry Dash

Again, a game I don’t play anymore, but I game I loved last year. The thing that killed it for me was the 2.0 update, and I had a really good looking level in the making, but I just never got anything done. My goal was to finish clubstep, but that never happened, and I tried to get back into it, but that never happened. This was a short description.

Number Six: The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

With Just under 50 hours under my belt, I haven’t played this game as much as the next guy, but I have my fair share of playing it, and I have started getting into speed running the game, which is fun. I haven’t actually finished a speed run, but I’ve gotten pretty far.

This game really hooked me when I figured out that the PC version actually had mods. So I went on a mod spree, downloading mods like Sky UI, The Lookout, and other aesthetic mods.Now I play it now and then, trying to fully get into speed running.

Number Five: Undertale

What do you expect me to say? Its Undertale…

Number 4: Call of Duty – Black Ops 2

This game came out in a simpler time, where movement wasn’t as advanced as borderline rocket science, and the games weren’t as hated. Now, I’m not saying that they weren’t hated completely, but, at that time, Infinite Warfare wasn’t a thing so… Also, fun fact, I have over 2 days spent in this game, so that’s nice.

Number 3: Garry’s Mod.

With over 200 hours of my life clocked into this game, Garry’s mod, or Gmod, is a sandbox game built around the half-life engine. The things you can do in this game are almost infinite, and there is probably something for someone, somewhere in the endless lists of gamemodes, from DarkRP to TTT to Prophunt (The Gamemode where I got my start in Gmod) and with the endless amounts of mods on the steam workshop, pretty much anything, ANYTHING is possible in this game.

Also, in the past 3-4 days, I have put a little over 12 hours into a single DarkRP server. Is that sad? I also have almost 2 days into a prop hunt server that shall not be named for the sake of respect.

Number 2: Undertale

Drum-roll Please *Insert drum-roll, or be awesome and drum-roll on your desk*

Number 1 goes to:

Carmen San Diego and the Secret of the Stolen Drums.

Now, I can here everyone being really confused. What is this game? Why is this you’re number one? EXPLAIN, EXPLAIN, EXTERMINATE!!! Sorry.

This takes my number one because this is the very first game I played and beat, EVER. And its not very easy, either, So when I beat it, I was proud to say the least. And this is such a good game… for the audience it is targeted to. The gameplay is very straight forward and easy to understand, but still supplies plenty of entertainment, especially for my 6,7,8 year old mind that played this game all the time, being the first game I beat 100%. This game holds a lot of firsts for me…

Yes, the game has its flaws, like some of the educational elements, but it’s Carmen San Diego, so it has to be educational one way or another. And this game is also the game that got me and my brother into flags. We have this weird hobby where we can name pretty much any flag shown to us, Im not so good at it, but my brother is a walking flag encyclopedia. It’s creepy, but also funny.

Anyway… another flaw of this game is some of the layout of the levels, sometimes being really hard to figure out, and there were multiple occasions where both me AND my dad got lost and confused on one of the levels of the game.

But, looking back on it, this game is REALLY easy, but it is still fun, though tedious to complete sometimes, especially 100%, it still is really fun, especially at the bosses, no matter how straight forward. (Also, side note, the three bosses in the game are actually really good, and the game gives NO hints on how to defeat them, and they are actually really hard to figure out how to damage them.)


Anyways, I might make a full on review of that game later. I just need to play it again, but I need to get a new memory card for my gamecube before I do that, cause I lost my first one, and that has the game I beat 100% on… *sigh*

No Mans Sky: My Excitement

So, Currently, I had the Idea of Longer posts happen Thursday, and the shorter, ranty posts will happen Sunday. So, that’s that. This will be a more ranty posts.

So, in my Battlefield vs COD Post (Which got a LOT of support, so thank you)  I mentioned the game “No Man’s Sky” a new game that has a lot of hype surrounding it. And now that there is a week left about until the game comes out, I thought I would share my thoughts on this heavenly game.

My thoughts on this beauty of a game…. I AM SO EXCITED!!!! This game… I have been excited for this game since it was announced. So, this game mainly reminds me of the book “Ready Player One”. In that book, there was a VR game called “The Oasis”, a giant galaxy with thousands of planets with 27 different sectors. No Mans Sky is a game with hundreds of thousands of planets with hundreds of galaxies to explore. Each planet is supposed to have it’s own unique ecosystem and all that stuff… but the great part about this game is you can explore it all!

I was reading another post about this game, and they said that there are two types of playstyles: Discover planets, or discover the planets and all the plants and animals on said Planet. And I’ve heard that you can name all of the species and planets you find, which seems like a good Idea, but also may be a really bad Idea, because the internet is the internet, and things can go south far too quickly. (This Video Explains it Far too well. Here)

All planets and Galaxies are procedural generated, and the game looks beautiful as well. To me, it looks slightly cartoony, and not entirely realistic, but it may just be the alien feel they are going for. Who knows. Just look up the three IGN Firsts on the game, it looks amazing. Truly, truly amazing.

Now, I will be giving the info I got from the IGN Eighteen Minutes of gameplay from No Mans Sky as info for this post. Go Check out the Video here. Its very entertaining and interesting.

Now, the discovery system. So, when you see an animal or plant that is new and you think hasn’t been discovered, you can scan it, and you will discover it. Now, after you expedition across the planet, you can find a beacon, where you can upload your discoveries, name them, and you can get some money from doing so. Which seems just really cool. And I’m guessing that you use the money to upgrade your gear, buy new ships, and new weapons. I’m guessing that there are a lot of hostile creatures and animals, or maybe even plants. Hostile plants that track you down and kill you? Maybe? Or would that not be a plant? Hmm….

Now, there are some hostile creatures that will attack you without any reasoning, except for the fact that they want food, and they want to try your exotic meat. Now, whatever you do, try not to kill the creatures. If you kill an animal on a planet that is already discovered, then a “Sentinal” will come to you. If you kill one off, then your wanted level will go up. Now, the guys in the video compare this to GTA, and it is very similar, but it’s on a galactic level. If you want to get your wanted level to go down, then you can just fly off into space and they will just forget about you. Which is a nice feature.

Now, if you die from a situation involving the sentenials that escalated from shooting a goat in the feet, then the resources that you haven’t stored and the discoveries that you haven’t logged into a beacon will go away, and you will have to gather once again.

There also is a system of mining and gathering resources. Now in the demo, there was only one example of the guy getting resources, and that was from shooting these crystals. Now, you can combine these elements and minerals to get stronger alloys, that will most likely be integrated into some sort of crafting system, or you can just sell them for even more money. (I see inflation being a thing in this games economy. Economics WOO)

Now after this video, a cool mechanic that he mentioned was the trading system, and to get rich, you don’t even need to explore the planets. You can just start your own monopoly and just get rich from buying low, selling high, and just starting a simulation of a galactic business. Which seems really cool.

Those are some of the mechanics and features of the new game, No Man’s Sky. I am SOOOO excited for this game, and I am definitely getting it on steam the day it comes out. That is going to be my early birthday present.

So, hopefully you guys are just as excited for this game just as much as I am, and it will be interesting to see how this game turns out. In the meantime, I’m going to work on Thursdays post. So, see you guys Thursday. Tatakai, out!